Dragonfly™ Motorized (92-130 in) Matte White Projection Screen (16:9 Aspect Ratio)
The newly designed Dragonfly™ standard motorized projection screens will not only be one of the simplest pieces you install in a front projection system, but will also give you the same stellar visual performance as its fixed-screen counterpart. As standard screens do not offer a tab tensioning system, the fabric includes an inner layer of weaved fiberglass to stiffen the material to help hold a flat surface along the viewing area. Coupling this with a quiet tubular motor and discrete yet simple installation brackets only further its offerings. Because our goal is to make your job easier, we also include a full accessory kit for installation and operation right out of the box. The only thing we could have done to make your installations even simpler would have been to include RF capabilities. Oh, wait…we did.

  • buy cenforce online usa Matte White Screen Material
    Our Matte White screen material is a great choice for applications where you have control over the ambient light. It’s engineered with a micro-diamond pattern that delivers ultra-wide off-axis viewing – so no matter where you’re sitting you get the best performance. With a 1.0 gain and 170-degree viewing angle it prevents hot-spots and color shifts, while reducing light “ripples” and glare – all to create impeccable color balance and a true-to-life experience.
  • Screen Fabric Construction
    For better flexibility, durability and visual performance, our matte white screen material is made of four bonded layers. The first, a PVC backing, provides a smooth backing as the motorized screen rolls onto itself. A sturdy, yet flexible woven fiberglass layer is then layered on to form the structural core of the screen – virtually eliminating stretching and preventing wrinkles. The third layer, forms a perfectly smooth PVC surface to which the top, visible surface layer is applied. This final layer is created with tiny microdots that reflect the projected image uniformly and without distortion, while reducing hot-spotting and unwanted reflections. It’s also cleanable and resistant to water, mold and fire to deliver the performance of a lifetime.

Flexible Control Options
We’ve taken the guesswork out of specifying and controlling your Dragonfly motorized screen. Each model comes standard with the most popular control types: RS-232, IR and 12V trigger, wall switch, and contact input.
Note: For complete integration instructions, see the DFM Control Protocol document on the Support Tab.

Wall Switch: Use the included wall switch and cable for quick and easy screen operation, meaning the customer always has a way to quickly raise and lower the screen.
Contact Input: An included dry contact closure input provides a simple way to raise and lower the screen.

12V Trigger: If you’re using a projector or AV receiver with a 12V output, use the included 30’ cable to easily have the screen raise and lower when that device is turned on. When the installation prohibits using a wired solution, you can go wire-free with our DFM-RF-TRIG-12V (for use with projectors that have a 12V trigger) or DFM-RF-TRIG-110V (for use with projectors that do not have a 12V trigger output). Note: Supports 3-12V.

IR: The included case-mounted IR receiver means you can mount the screen and start controlling it right of the box with the included IR remote control. Should you choose to hide the casing completely behind a curtain, soffit or in the ceiling itself, an external IR receiver is included to let you simply plug in and place at a discrete location. Simple!

RS-232: The included RS-232 connection is perfect for integrating the screen into popular control systems.
  • Flexible Mounting, Simple Installation 
    Mounting brackets install in seconds, the screen assembles in just a minute. Locking it down is as simple as using a screw gun. Literally. Once you set your installation brackets in the location desired, simply lift the screen on and set them on the bracket hooks. Use a screw gun to turn the locking screws and the brackets clamp in a flash. Low profile and a simple design just lead to fast and great-looking installations.
  • Quick & Quiet Motor
    If you weren’t lowering the screen, you’d barely know what was going on. The new Dragonfly™ standard motorized projection screens, with its tubular motor, will give your customer quiet and reliable operation day in and day out. And with an average drop time of 13 seconds, lag time is minimized.

2-Year Limited Warranty
Dragonfly Motorized and Tab-Tension Motorized Projection Screens have a 2-Year Limited Warranty. This warranty includes parts and labor repairs on all components found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal conditions of use. This warranty shall not apply to products which have been abused, modified or disassembled. Products to be repaired under this warranty must be returned to SnapAV or a designated service center with prior notification and an assigned return authorization number (RA).